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Car, Van, 4X4 and Motorbike Tyres

Downton Tyre and Autocare have been expertly fitting tyres for 25 years and as a family run business have the joint knowledge to help you with any of your tyre needs.

Our workshop contains the best fitting and balancing equipment available and we stock hundreds of tyres from all the market leading brands, including economy and budget brands, catering for any tyre size.

We can supply and fit any tyre to meet your needs, including Winter Tyres, Run Flat Tyres and Performance Tyres.

Our Michelin Academy fully trained staff provide a high quality service where all precaution is taken towards your vehicle, while in our hands.

To get the most from your new set of tyres we inspect your old tyre for:

·       Even or un-even wear.

·       Check your suspension components.

We can then advise that components need replacing or if a wheel alignment is required.

·       Thorough inspection of the wheels is carried out before fitting a new tyre to minimise the risk of rim leak and fatigue.

·       The valve is replaced.

·       The tyres are pumped up to the manufacturer's recommendation.

·       Balanced using a computerised balancer.

·       On re-fitting the wheel to your vehicle we make sure that the mating surfaces are clean and lubricated if needed.

·       Wheel nuts are then tightened to the manufacturer's specification.

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