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4x4 Tyres

Due to the increasing demand and local area to Downton Tyre and Autocatre Ltd, we have become specialists in the 4x4 market.

In recent years the growth in popularity of the 'Next Generation' 4x4 vehicles such as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes ML, Volvo XC90, Volkswagen Touareg as well as the BMW X3 and BMW X5 have introduced a new breed of 4x4 tyre. These are all high performance 4x4 vehicles requiring a high performance 4x4 tyre.


High Performance 4x4 tyres are designed primarily for use on road opposed to off road. With many high performance 4x4's capable of speeds in excess of 150 mph, 4x4 high performance tyres provide excellent traction and stability whilst dealing with the increased weight of the vehicle and extra load on the tyres.


Run-flat 4x4 tyres are designed to keep your vehicle under control in the event of pressure loss to your tyres whether it be a puncture or a complete tyre failure - often refered to as a 'blow out'. Run-flat 4x4 tyres have a reinforced sidewall capable of supporting the weight of the 4x4 with zero air pressure.


All terrain 4x4 tyres are generally designed as 50% on-road and 50% off-road. 4x4 all terrain tyres provide the perfect option for owners who like to make the most of their 4x4 as they provide decent levels of grip on the road whilst maintaining decent performance off road.


Off-road 4x4 tyres provide excellent grip and mobility in the most extreme situations. 4x4 off-road tyres are the perfect solution for the off road enthusiast. Excellent performance in mud, sand and almost any off-road situation you find yourself and your 4x4 in.


Winter Tyres are just as beneficial to a 4x4 vehicle as a standard car. With the majority of 4x4 vehicles being produced on tyres designed primarily for on-road use, come winter time when temperature drop below 7°C, the performance from the tyres gets less as the rubber stiffens. This ultimately means that if your 4x4 tyres can not grip, it doesn't matter whether you have 4 wheel drive, 6 wheel drive or 20 wheel drive - your going nowhere. Winter 4x4 Tyres work best below 7°C which can be around 5 months of the year in the UK. Winter 4x4 tyres are designed to provide traction on Snow, Ice and Mud as well as wet surfaces due to rain.

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